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in july 2020, during the height of the pandemic, many of us sought out new ways to beat the boredom. for me, this was rekindling my sewing hobby. the first thing I made? a dog bandana of course! even though this bandana was far from perfect, it sprouted an idea that had been planted in the back of my mind just a few years prior. you see, while i was in high school i decided to start a t-shirt business called Wild Wolf Clothing Co. i always thought that one day, if business was good, i would branch out of apparel and into the dog bandana business. a sister brand called Wild Woof Wear. to spare you a long, drawn out story, my clothing brand never went anywhere and the sister brand always sat on the back burner. that is until i sewed my first bandana that boring and hot summer day. i decided right then and there that i would scrap the clothing brand and go full force into making dog bandanas. it only took me a couple of weeks to build an inventory, configure my etsy shop, and get my socials in order. on july 30th, 2020 wild woof wear was born. i entered with zero expectation, just the hopefulness to get an order an make someone a bandana. spoiler alert, i did get an order.


now, almost four years later, i have sent thousands of bandanas to pups and cats across the globe. and i finally got to fulfill my dream of owning a clothing brand by making apparel that coordinates with bandanas. in my wildest dreams i would have never imagined being where i am today. i am greatly indebted to my family, friends, brand reps, social media followers, and customers for supporting me throughout this journey. 

if you have a dream like mine, i encourage you to follow it, no matter how scary, because you never know where you may end up.




hi there! my name is kaylynn, though you can call me kay, and i am the founder and owner of wild woof wear. all of the operations, behind the scenes processes, and administrative details are headed-up by me because WWW is a one-woman show! i wouldn't have it any other way. i love what i do!

here is a little more about me:

  • i am 22 y/o and am based in kentucky.

  • i am currently a junior in college studying environmental science and sustainability studies. i bring forth a lot of what i study and apply it to my business practices. i want to do my part in bettering the world for generations to come!

  • i have three itty-bitty shih tzus: nala, evie, and loki. they inspired me to start WWW and they are always hang out in my office to make sure i am staying on task.

  • aside from sewing, i love being outdoors, hiking, photography, and rewatching gilmore girls







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