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  • What is your processing time?
    Our processing time varys depending on what you order. Below are the lead times for each product we offer. Please note that the item in your order with the longest lead time will be the processing time for your entire order. Cotton Bandanas: 4-5 weeks Flannel Bandanas (frayed): 4-5 weeks Flannel Bandanas (flat seams): 2-3 weeks Infinity Snoods: 5 business days Leashes: 2-3 weeks Collars: 2-3 weeks Apparel: 3 weeks Do you need a bandana or snood shipped in time for a special event? Email us at
  • Why is your processing time so long?
    Though the term “we” is used a lot in our writing, Wild Woof Wear is operated by two hands, one sewing machine, and three fluffy, attention-loving puppies. Additionally, I am in college full-time and place my education as top priority in my schedule. All products are handmade to order, down to human apparel, so making your gear takes time— especially when we release new collections. We promise to get your order made and shipped as quickly as possible. If your order has exceeded the 4 week processing period, please email us at
  • Do you offer International shipping? How much does it cost?
    Yes. Wild Woof Wear ships worldwide. We try to keep our shipping costs as low as possible for our international friends. Our flat rate shipping for international orders is $10.00 USD; however, the shipping price increases the more you order. Additionally, please keep in mind that your order could be subject to customs charges. We now only ship USPS for international orders, as we had customer reports of customs charges when we shipped via UPS. Please note that because we are a U.S. based business, we have NO way of determining if your package will have customs. Orders Shipping to France: Parcels shipping from the U.S. to France will be subject to taxes. These taxes generally range from 8-15 €.
  • Do you have a sizing chart?
    Yes. Our sizing chart is pictured under the photo carousel of each listing. The sizing chart features the length (inches) from end to end as well as examples of breeds that fit each size of bandana and snood. If you need other dimensions of our products or have further questions regarding sizing, please email us at
  • What style of bandanas do you offer? Do you offer more than one style?
    Our bandanas are tie-on and the only style we offer. At Wild Woof Wear we not only want to provide your furbaby with cute accessories, but acessories that are safe for them to wear. After lots of research, we concluded that tie-on bandanas are the safest option for your accessory loving pets. Tie-on bandanas allow for the pet to easliy detangle if they ever find themselves stuck and they do not have any extra hardware that your pet could chew and swallow. Of course, we always recommend to supervise your pet anytime they wear an accessory such as a bandana.
  • What type of fabric are your bandanas and snoods made out of?
    Our reversible bandanas are made out of 100% cotton and 100% organic cotton. The fabric type is listed under every product description. Our National Park Bandanas (e.g. The Glacier, The Acadia, and The Zion) are made of a wool-acrylic blend. Our flannel bandanas are made using a 100% organic cotton flannel. Snoods are either made with an anti pill fleece or a 100% organic cotton flannel. The fabric type will be indicated in the product description.
  • Why do your prices vary?
    The fabric we choose comes from many different suppliers and is made from all different fibers. Because of this, the price of the fabric varies. We base our pricing off of our fabric cost, which results in our varying bandana prices.
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